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I need to update like I need a cowtail!
September 18, 2010, 12:04 am
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A man came in with two little boys, each of whom got a $5 limit on their spending money, which apparently was too much for them. “I should’ve said two,” the man joked. The first kid, who was very polite and earnestly thanked me after I’d rung up his purchases, did well with his price range, and immediately after said, “Thanks, Mr. so and so,” so I knew that the $5 limit man wasn’t his dad, as I’d assumed. That was very nice, I thought. The man’s actual son was a different story – while he was also very polite, he went about a dollar over, but the dad just let him forget it. He tried to make him put something back, “you don’t need a cowtail,” he said, which amused me. I wanted to make some kind of joke, like, “none of us need cowtails, except cows!” but the kid chose to put back a Sugar Daddy, which was more expensive, anyway. “I need that like I need a cowtail” is going to be my new “I need that like a hole in the head.”


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