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Vintage Revisited (Continued)
September 4, 2010, 12:09 am
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One of my first days at the candy counter, a woman came and asked for four orange Mexican Hats, specifically. (Mexican hats are these gummy candies that look, well, like Mexican Hats. They’re quite popular.) “You’re gonna think I’m really weird,” she’d said, but I thought she was just specific. Today another woman came and asked for all orange Mexican Hats too, and I remarked that I’d had someone else do that, too. “It might have been my neighbor,” she said, who was a chef. Turns out the orange mexican hats make perfect Elmo noses for cupcakes. Mystery solved. I dug thirty out for this woman, but was later told that we’re not supposed to do that, as it ruins the color ratio. Whoops. She sure appreciated it though!

Another little girl came in with her mother and said, “I would love ALL that stuff in there,” and pointed vaguely to books. I’m not sure what she really meant, but my line of vision was a straight line to a rack of shotglasses.
We got so many bandanas today, and in so many varieties, that I was tempted to make “zombie game” jokes all day, but couldn’t, because no one I work with went to Goucher. And as none of you did either, you probably have no idea what I’m talking about. Whoops.
I also met a woman who was a member of a walking club and had walked in all 50 states! She wasn’t young, either. I asked her what her favorite was and she said Alaska.
A 97-year-old man came in, too, and moved around impressively! (He bought a CD.)


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