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I’m Going To Have To Come Up With Some New Directions
September 1, 2010, 3:35 am
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           One of the questions any clerk at Vidler’s is most often asked is, “where are your restrooms?” and everyone’s answer varies slightly. This is not to say that we all give different locations to intentionally trip up our beloved customers, but that everyone’s directional point of view is slightly different. “Right across from the card shop,” is one answer, or “straight and then make a right.” I choose to give directions that include what I, personally, would pay the most attention to, so I make sure to mention that the bathrooms are in the room with the large paper mâché shapes hanging from the ceiling. Based on the flashes of confused  horror I’d noticed in the eyes of customers as of late, I’ve been wondering if my standard answer to the question – “straight through the candle shop, and in the room with the piñatas, it’s on your right” is too long and complicated. Today, when an elderly gentleman asked The Question, my fears were confirmed. After I’d rattled off my answer to the customer with the automated animation of a flight attendant in an instructional video, he pleasantly inquired, “in the piano shop?”

(To clarify for any yet-to-visit-ers or people haven’t been in awhile: Vidler’s Store may sell a lot of things, but pianos are not among them.)


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